GUNS N' ROSES Confirm Will Ferrell Has Joined The Band As Their New Drummer

There has been significant speculation regarding the full lineup of Guns N’ Roses as they prepare to embark on their upcoming reunion tour. The band has confirmed at least one more member of the band and their choice is nothing less than shocking.

 Comedian Will Ferrell has been tapped to handle drumming duties for the band on their highly anticipated upcoming tour. Axl Rose reportedly reached the decision as recently as Saturday after seeing Ferrell’s 1998 film ‘A Night At The Roxbury’, where he portrayed a man who was obsessed with the 80’s. Axl said he loved Ferrell’s look and felt he would be great in an 80’s band, sources say.                                                                     

 “I guess now is the time to tell u that the rumor is true. Will Ferrell is a talented drummer N a funny mutha f*cka! Welcome to GNR!!!” the GNR frontman said on Twitter.