7 Mistakes People Make Before Or After Having Sex

There are sure mix-ups that couple more often than not does before or in the wake of engaging in sexual relations.

Furthermore, they may destroy the involvement with your accomplice.

1. Don't rush to use a bathroom.

Don't rush to use a bathroom. http://www.prevention.com/sites/prevention.com/files/styles/slideshow-desktop/public/gettyimages-478975110-rush-to-bathroom-voyagerix.jpg?itok=3656U3DF

Jennifer Bump, MD, says, You may have heard that you should pee instantly after having sex, but a little urine isn't going to create a difference. Don't rush things, snuggle a little. But, if you naturally want to pee, then don't wait.

2. No wine.

No wine.

Drinking a lot before having sex may make it unsatisfactory. 11% of people around the world face problem achieving orgasm because of their drinking habits.