10 Ways Jealousy Is Killing Your Relationship Like A Slow Poison

When you make a place for jealousy in a relationship, all it does is ruin your peace of mind and leave you frustrated. It is a sickness, which if not worked on, can kill you slowly from inside out. Let's see how jealousy acts like a slow poison.

1. Jealousy is toxic

Jealousy is toxic http://img2.rnkr-static.com/list_img_v2/7408/1907408/870/best-songs-about-jealousy.jpg

Our body responds to our emotions instantly. It is like a factory that feeds us with chemicals of what we are feeling or experiencing. If we are happy and relaxed, our body will produce chemicals that will work wonders on us. Alternatively, if we are upset, jealous, or stressing over something, our body will feed us with negative chemicals that will prove to be disastrous for our health. Toxic thoughts and emotions turn our body into a toxic system that can have some unwanted negative effects on us.

2. Makes you look ugly

Makes you look ugly https://learnhowtoflywithme.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/jealousy-greenmonster.jpg

Your thoughts and emotions reflect in your personality. If you are jealous of someone, the moment you look at him/her, your body language will instantly reveal your feeling towards that person. You will have that sneering look in your eyes coupled with the application of bitter words that will make you look like a villain in the eyes of others. You obviously don't want it, right?